Business Benefits

Benefits to You and Your Firm

You can leverage leading-edge Al to handle more cases faster and better (one of our clients is more than quadrupling their capacity), freeing up valuable time, and improving work & life for your team.

Reduce up to 90% of manual efforts and time analyzing case files and digesting law statutes. “What used to take our paralegal 1 week to do, now can be done by Al in 5 minutes” – our client.

Product Features

Legal Research

  • Research case laws, statutes and regulations across all 50 states, Federal courts, and Circuits.
  • Ask your questions, Al will structure a research memo with Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion.
  • Verify sources, review case summaries and relevant citations (highlighted) for related law statutes.

General AI

Document Review and Summarization

Summarize hundreds of pages in minutes: create a concise summary with key bullet points, pin-pointing source sentences in the original document where such points come from.

Advanced Document Review

Find needles in haystacks in seconds:
You ask any questions, Al will extract valuable insights across dozens of documents, summarizing citations in a reference table linked to the source document.

AI Agent for Personal Injury

Medical Analysis

Instead of spending weeks painstakingly analyzing piles of medical records, hospital bills and police reports, Al can extract such data in minutes for you to check and verify.

Demand Letter Draft

Instead of drafting a demand letter from scratch, in minutes our Al will draft a detailed demand letter for you integrating key data from your files.

Discovery Response Draft

Instead of taking days to answer a discovery demand (Bill of Particulars or Interrogatories), our Al will answer 30+ questions in minutes, in a structured format for you to review, verify and polish.