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Legal Research

Research case laws, statutes, and regulations across all 50 states, Federal courts, and Circuits, and auto-draft your legal memos in minutes instead of hours!

General AI

Summarize hundreds of deposition pages and ask any questions to extract valuable insights across multiple documents, with a precise reference table, all in minutes!

AI Agent for Personal Injury

Analyze piles of medical records, hospital bills, client intake forms and police reports, and draft demand letters all in minutes instead of days/weeks.

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What Clients Say About Us

“All of the lawyers were really interested in hearing about AI, and your product is unique in that it’s really developed for plaintiff attorneys!”

Evan J Lide Esq.,

Partner at Stark and Stark

“Anytime AI helps you tackle tedious tasks and foster stronger arguments. It makes deposition transcripts come alive, providing you with the tools to find, verify, and analyze testimony!”

John Lomurro Esq.,

Partner at Lomurro Law

Anytime AI quadruples our capacity to handle more cases. We can now handle 16-17 cases a month, a substantial improvement from the previous 41-50 cases a year!”

Shengyang Wu Esq.,

Partner at AlphaLaw

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