Quadruple Our Capacity to Handle More Cases: AlphaLaw Firm Transformation with Anytime AI

Shengyang Wu Esq., Partner at AlphaLaw


Our client, Wu, operates his law firm almost entirely remotely and has a strong affinity for technology. In 2022, Wu’s firm faced limitations, handling only 41-50 cases a year due to the time-consuming process of reviewing transcripts and extracting medical terminology, tasks that were often outsourced. However, after implementing Anytime AI, the firm experienced a remarkable transformation, significantly increasing its efficiency and capacity.


Before using Anytime AI, Wu’s law firm struggled with the manual and labor-intensive process of reviewing legal documents and translating medical terminology. The firm could only manage a limited number of cases annually, which hindered its growth and efficiency. Wu needed a solution that would streamline these processes and allow the firm to handle more cases without compromising quality.


In 2022, Wu’s firm adopted Anytime AI to automate the review of transcripts and the extraction of medical terminology. This integration allowed the firm to handle a significantly higher volume of cases. Anytime AI’s comprehensive training and support ensured a smooth transition for the firm’s employees, making it easier for them to adapt to the new technology.


After implementing Anytime AI, Wu’s firm saw a dramatic increase in efficiency and capacity. The firm can now handle 16-17 cases a month, a substantial improvement from the previous 41-50 cases a year.


  • Increased Productivity: Wu highlighted the time-saving benefits of AI in document review and translation. “Usually, one paralegal could deliver one or two sets of discovery a day. Now, she can produce more than five or six sets,” Wu explained.
  • Efficiency for Attorneys: For firm owners and senior attorneys, AI has significantly reduced the time required to locate key paragraphs in transcripts. “It used to take a day for me or a senior attorney, but now it can be done in less than four hours,” Wu noted. This saved time allows attorneys to focus more on marketing, operational meetings, and case strategy discussions, enhancing overall firm efficiency.
  • Personal Time Savings: Wu also shared that the time saved has allowed him to dedicate more time to his NGO-related work, which he enjoys immensely.


The implementation process was smooth, thanks to the comprehensive training and support provided by Anytime AI. “They do a lot of training and presentations, either onsite or online, which made the process smoother,” Wu said. The firm also collected feedback from paralegals using the platform, and the Anytime AI team responded quickly, making necessary modifications to improve the user experience.


Anytime AI has significantly transformed Wu’s law firm, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and capacity. The firm’s ability to handle a higher volume of cases and the time saved on manual tasks have allowed Wu and his team to focus on strategic initiatives and personal interests. Wu’s testimony underscores the transformative impact of AI technology in the legal sector, highlighting the value of adopting innovative solutions to drive growth and efficiency.