One Year After GPT-4: What Generative AI Means to Lawyers

Audience: Law Firms, In-house counsel


Produced and Sponsored by: Anytime AI

Date: 3/13/24

Time: 2 pm ET | 11 am PT

Duration: 1h

Legal professionals are often known for their conservative approach and reluctance to swiftly embrace new technologies. In fact, in a recent survey1, the Thomson Reuters Institute found that 82% of legal professionals believe that the capability can be used in legal work. Only 51% believed that it should be used in legal work. Despite this, Generative AI tools are rapidly revolutionizing the legal landscape, ushering in significant changes in the way lawyers operate. The pace of transformation is accelerating, challenging traditional norms.

Automating routine tasks like document review and summarization, medical record analysis, demand letter and discovery response drafting, and contract review has yielded numerous benefits for both law firms and legal departments.

Join this complimentary webcast to explore how the utilization of Generative AI can revolutionize your legal practice and:

  • Boost profits by helping law firms operate more productively
  • Amplify efficiency to deliver better results, faster
  • Free up more time for quality client interactions
  • Build a resilient team to help fortify work-life balance
  • Enhance specific (e.g. Personal Injury) firm practice area workflow

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Lingfei Wu | CEO and Co-founder | Anytime AI 

Dr. Lingfei Wu is a distinguished engineer and entrepreneur known for his contributions to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Anytime.AI, a generative AI startup that aims to boost efficiency and effectiveness in the legal field.

Dr. Wu earned a doctorate in computer science from the College of William and Mary and went on to hold several esteemed tech positions. He previously served as an engineering Leader in Content Understanding at Pinterest, leading a group of applied scientists, software engineers, and product managers on various projects using large language models (LLMs) and Generative AI technologies. Before Pinterest, he was a Principal Scientist at JD.COM Silicon Valley Research Center, leading a team to build next-generation Large Language Models (LLMs)-powered E-commerce systems. Earlier in his career, Dr. Wu was a research staff member at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center and led a team developing novel Graph Neural Networks methods and systems. This work led to multiple awards and over 65 patents, earning him appointments as an IBM Master Inventor.

Henry Hu | COO and Co-founder | Anytime AI 

Henry Hu is a seasoned business executive driving growth and innovation responsibly and effectively. He co-founded Anytime AI together with Lingfei Wu and Yu Chen, bringing 25+ years of professional experience with IBM, 1010Data, Yummet, and Kearney.

Henry was once the CFO for Strategic Imperatives in IBM Systems, leading teams to support business lines and enabled 3X strategic revenue growth from $1.4B to $4.2B. He has 15+ years of experience in finance planning & analyses, investment planning, and risk management from IBM, and brings the risk management mindset to help clients mitigate risks with AI, security, data privacy, etc.

Shengyang Wu | Attorney | Alpha Law LLC – Anytime AI Client

Shenyang Wu is a founding partner of Alpha Law. His practice focuses on personal injury litigation and investigation involving pedestrian, and motor vehicle accidents, construction injuries, premises liability, and article 78 actions against municipalities. Mr. Wu also has experience in labor and employment, and dispute resolution of construction law.

Mr. Wu is admitted to New York State and is a member of the New York State Bar. He serves as a Co-Chair of Solo and Small Practice Committee in New York County Lawyer Association and as a panelist of legal referral services in Asian American Bar Association of New York.
Henry, Justin. “We Asked Every Am Law 100 Law Firm How They’re Using Gen AI. Here’s What We Learned.” Legaltech News, 29 January 2024, [Link].