Anytime AI’s Presence at NYSBA Annual Meeting 2024: A Recap

The New York State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting 2024 proved to be a vibrant convergence of legal minds and technological innovation. As the proud Empire Sponsor, Anytime AI had the privilege of contributing to this enriching event. Let’s take a journey through the highlights of each day, exploring the insightful sessions, thought-provoking discussions, and the revolutionary impact of Legal AI.

Before the event, NYSBA makes a heartfelt appreciation to the invaluable sponsors for their unwavering support and commitment to the NYSBA Annual Meeting 2024.

Day 1: Setting the Stage for Legal Transformation

Our excitement soared as we welcomed attendees to the Anytime AI booth. Day 1 kicked off with an exploration of the future of law through live demos, expert engagements, and a vision of how technology can reshape legal practices.

Co-founder Henry Hu and Attendance are watching our live demos
Co-founder Henry Hu introduced Anytime AI to Attendance

Day 2: Charting New Territories in Legal Understanding

The Commercial and Federal Litigation Section CLE Program marked the inception of Day 2, unraveling the fundamental aspects of bankruptcy. NYSBA President Richard Lewis kicks off his Presidential Summit at AnnualMeeting2024. The first topic of discussion – AI and the Legal Landscape with Hon. Katherine Forrest and Hon. Bridget Mary McCormack. He emphasized that AI is now a must-have tool for all lawyers.

Credit: NYSBA Annual Meeting 2024

Lingfei Wu, our co-founder, added a unique perspective on GenAI legal use cases during the panel discussion.

The Trust and Estates Law Section Reception and Luncheon celebrated achievements and scrutinized the Corporate Transparency Act.

Day 3: Empowering Insights and Advocating Equality

Former Representative Carolyn Maloney graced Day 3, sharing empowering insights at the Women in Law Section CLE Program. Advocating for the Equal Rights Amendment, she highlighted the undervaluation of women’s labor, fostering a collective commitment to a more equitable future.

Credit: NYSBA Annual Meeting 2024

Day 4: A Gracious Farewell to a Stellar Event

The grand finale of the NYSBA Annual Meeting 2024 witnessed a heartening recognition ceremony. Congratulations to all the people for their achievements.

In retrospect, the Anytime AI team is immensely proud to have been part of this dynamic gathering. We extend our gratitude to the New York State Bar Association and all participants for making this event a resounding success. Special thanks to all those to stopped by our booth or talked with us. Your thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated by Anytime AI. As we carry these lessons forward, let’s continue shaping the future of law together. Until the next Annual Meeting, stay inspired, and stay innovative.